Sith Juggernaut Builds

Sith Warriors in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Sith Marauder (A pure DPS Class) Juggernaut uses heavy armor, shields and the force to become fearsome tanks or damage dealers. Sith Juggernauts have three trees to choose talents from: Immortal (DPS tree), Vengeance (DPS tree) and Rage (a shared DPS tree shared with the Marauder Class).

Below I will list the best juggernaut builds to use for your sith warrior so you can play your class better.

If you wish to submit a juggernaut build please email it to, listing what it is for and any other relevant information I should know about this juggernaut build.

Sith Juggernaut changes in patch 1.3:

•Due to changes in the Juggernaut skill tree, Juggernauts have had their skill points refunded.
•The amount absorbed by Sonic Barrier now scales properly based on character stats.
•Soresu Form now generates 100% additional threat while active.

•Single Saber Mastery now applies different effects based on your current Form. Shii-Cho Form now increases all Force damage dealt by 2% per point. Shien Form now increases all melee damage dealt by 2% per point. Soresu Form now increases melee and ranged defense by 1% per point and increases the threat generated by Smash and Sweeping Slash by 10% per point.

•Quake: Sweeping Slash now additionally applies this accuracy debuff to affected targets.
•Blade Barricade: Retaliation now increases melee and ranged defense by 1% per point and lasts 12 seconds.
•Unleashed has been replaced by Crushing Fist, which causes Smash to apply 2 stacks of armor reduction per point to all affected targets.
•The damage dealt by Backhand has been reduced, but this ability no longer costs Rage to activate.
•Crushing Blow has been slightly altered. The ability still applies 3 stacks of armor reduction. Damage dealt by this ability has been reduced, but when the target is affected by 5 stacks of armor reduction, Crushing Blow now deals damage to up to 2 nearby enemies, spreading 3 stacks of armor reduction to those enemies and knocking down Standard and Weak targets. It does not deal damage to sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemies, and continues to generate a high amount of additional threat.

Sorry for the couple of days where the builds were not working, once again torhead changed it's format making previous builds not display.

Immortal Builds(updated for 1.3)

Builds that focus on the Immortal tree (Tank tree).

juggernaut tanking build31/8/2 - Juggernaut Tank Build - Thdis is main tank single target tanking build for Sith Juggernauts. If you are low on accuracy you can move points from Dreadnaught to Accuracy. Points can be moved from thrown gauntlet to crushing first


31/3/7 Juggernaut PVP Tank Build - This build has Thrown Gauntlet and Lash Out for Intimidation.



Vengeance Builds(updated for 1.3)

Juggernaut builds that focus on the Vengeance tree(DPS tree).

2/31/8 Vengeance Juggernaut PVE DPS Build -juggernaut pve vengeance build

Vengance PVE Rotation:

Beginning of Fight: Saber Throw > Force Charge > Sundering Assault > Shatter > Impale > Enrage > Sundering Assault > Force Scream > Shatter

After that just prioritize using the following abilities off cooldown until target is below 20%:
• Sundering Assault
• Shatter
• Impale
• Force Scream
• Force Choke
• Smash

When Target Below 20%: Enrage > Sundering Assault > Vicious Throw > Shatter > Sundering Assault > Force Choke > Vicious Throw

After that just prioritize using the following abilities off cooldown:
• Vicious Throw
• Sundering Assault
• Shatter
• Impale
• Smash

Pommel Strike / Savage Kick are free fillers use them when needed and you can also use Assault if you are low on rage and Enrage and Sundering Strike are on cooldown.


Rage Builds(updated for 1.3)

Juggernaut builds that focus on the Rage tree(DPS tree).

2/8/31 Juggernaut Rage PVP Build

Hybrid Builds

Juggernaut builds that have talents mixed in several juggernaut trees will be listed here.

16/25/0 - Hybrid PVE/PVP Tank Spec - Hybrid tanking spec for PvE and PVP.

27/12/2 - Hybrid PVP Support and Control Build - This build does not have a lot of DPS but it is a very defensive build with a lot of control and support skills.


Primary Stats: Strength > Accuracy (up to 110% cap)> Power > Crit > Surge

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