Sith Juggernaut Rotations

For a Sith Juggernaut to do maximum DPS or be efficient tanks they are heavily dependant on what skills you use and when you use them. People usualy refer to the order skills are used as a rotation. Most rotations are not strict but are dependant on what is going on in a fight. For instance if are low on rage you will want to use a rage building skill like Battering Assault to get back rage but not off of cooldown you may have to use Assault.

Below I list rotations that should help you how you tank or DPS. Please contact me if there is something you want to add or if the information I am listed is not accurate :)

Juggernaut DPS Rotations

Vengance PVE Rotation:

Beginning of Fight: Saber Throw > Force Charge > Sundering Assault > Shatter > Impale > Enrage > Sundering Assault > Force Scream > Shatter

After that just prioritize using the following abilities off cooldown: 1)Sundering Assault
4)Force Scream
5)Force Choke
5)Smash(Throw in whenever you can fit it without getting in the way of the abilities above)

Sub 20% Phase: Enrage> Sundering Assault > Vicious Throw > Shatter > Sundering Assault > Force Choke > Vicious Throw

After that use the following priority rotation:
1)Vicious Throw
2)Sundering Assault

Tanking Rotations:

Coming soon


PVP Rotations

Coming soon


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